Viral Instagram Challenge “Post a picture of” lead Billie Eilish loses 100k followers.

Billie Eilish- Creation Edges
Billie Eilish. source:instagram

Famous Grammy award winner 19-year-old singer Billie Eilish took a viral Instagram challenge, where the followers ask their favorite celebrity to post a photo.

One fan of Billie Eilish asked her to post a photo of “a drawing you’re really proud of”.

Story Posted by Bilie Eilish(billie eilish boob art). Source: Instagram
Story Posted by Bilie Eilish.(billie eilish boob art)

The singer posted a photo on her story with the caption “these probably lol i love boobs. “

Source: twitter

Meanwhile, after posting the story the singer has lost around 100,000 followers on her Instagram, she had gone from 73M followers to 72.9M


Reaction of Billie Eilish on loosing 100k followers source: instagram

UPDATE: At 2:30 PM Instagram Follower she regained 100k followers current total following on her Instagram back to 73M

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