How To Convert Your Article Or Blog Posts Into Video?

How To Convert Blogs Into Videos
how to convert an article into video

In today’s internet era, 74% of netizen loves to consume video content online. Due to the massive popularity of social media all across the globe more than 50% of internet users are active on their social media accounts.

Due to the rise of social media, the behavior of consuming news and information is also changing. You will be shocked to know that 57% of traffics on news sites are referred from social media platforms.

In 2022, if you are writing articles/blogs and not using social media platforms to gain an audience for articles/blogs. You are missing a golden opportunity.

To use social media to its full potential and gain an audience you need to post videos and photos consistently.

Here are a few simple ways of converting blogs/articles into videos for your social media.

1. Hire a Freelancer

Hire a Freelancer

For video creation, you can consider hiring a freelancer. It will reduce your workload and saves lots of time. For hiring freelancers you can visit websites like FiverrUpwork

Hiring freelancers from these websites are a really easy process, Just visit any of these websites and search “blog into video” or “articles into video” you will find a bunch of option, select any of the freelancers according to your budget.

2. Using Artificial Intelligent Tools.

Use free tools like RAIVN

If you haven’t started earning from your blogs, Hiring a freelancer won’t be a good option for you. Well in that case you can use free tools like RAIVN, lumen5, Inviedo for converting your blogs/articles into videos.

Convert Your Blogs Into Video using RAIVN

RAIVN is a powerful fully automated video editor tool. RAIVN is the simplest tool for converting blog posts into videos. You just need to submit your blog post URL and select the dimension of your output video that’s it.

Everything else is done by RAIVN itself. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze your blog/article, gathers all the relevant text and images automatically, and renders video.

RAIVN literally converts blogs/articles into videos in just one click.

  • LUMEN5
Lumen5 is a powerful online video editing tool.

Lumen5 is a powerful online video editing tool. With Lumen5 you can easily convert your blogs/articles into videos. In Lumen5 you can drag and drop different elements like photos, shapes, and text.

You can also use their pre-made templates for your videos.

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