Spice Girls Reuniting Again For Spice World Film Sequel.

Image Credit: Instagram

90’s Famous Girls Band “Spice Girls” will be reuniting next year. According to the media reports of The Sun, the band members will be reuniting for the 25th anniversary of their 1997 film Spice World and considering making a sequel to the movie.

They also have approached the screenwriter who will work on their upcoming project. Hopefully, the sequel of the film Spice World will be on the big screen.

Last Reunion of Spice Girls.

Image Credit: Instagram

The Spice girls band was formed in 1994 and later in 2000, they are split up after the band member left. In the year 2018, the band reunites again for the show in the UK and IRELAND, But Victoria Beckham (Former Band Member) didn’t join.

In the last reunion, they did 13 sell-out shows in UK and IRELAND. According to the Showbiz report Melanie C (Band Member) earned $5.5M.