Netflix New Crime Drama Limited Series: ‘The Innocent’, Trailer Released.

Image Credit: Netflix

Netflix Announced the new crime drama series ‘The Innocent’ on the 4th of this year. Finally, the trailer of the series is released today. The Series is based on the best-selling Novel of Harlan Coben’s “The Innocent”.

Check Out The Trailer.


Image Credit: Netflix

Matt Hunter accidentally kills one person in order to stop the fight. He was later convicted and sent to jail for 9 years. After the release from jail, his innocence was forgotten. After returning from jail he lives with his wife Olivia. The story takes a twist when a mysterious man arrives and matt’s beloved nun and homicide investigator was murdered.


Image Credit: Netflix

The Cast of ‘The Innocent’ are Mario Casas, Juana Acosta, Josean Bengoetxea, Jordi Coll, Jose Coronado

Release Date

Netflix has announced that series will releasing on 30th 2021. The series will have 8 episodes.

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