Man Broke into Kendall Jenner’s House and Attempts To Swim Naked in Pool.

Image Credit: Instagram

The case of trespassing into the celebrities’ properties are surging these days, Many celebrities have reported these incidents. Recently, Famous American Super Model Kendall Jenner becomes the victim.

Police Officer’s sources told reporters of TMZ, A 27-year-old man entered the Super Model property in L.A, The Man was starting knocking on the window and yelling Kendall’s name.

The Security forces were alerted when they try to catch him. The Man stripped off his clothes and attempted to get in the pool.

Image Credit: Instagram

The man was later arrested by the cops and put behind the bars. According to the sources, the security of the Kendall’s House is increased after the incident.

A day before the incident, The restraining order was passed by the judge for safety of her.

Kendall was threatened by a man read the full story here.