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Two years ago, Creation Edges was launched intending to make it the internet’s largest bloggers community. We’re dedicated to giving you the ease to explore bloggers across the world of different niches and check their content on one platform.

We know to produce good and engaging content you put lots of effort and time, but bloggers face a lot of problems like getting a wider audience, regular engagement on their content and monetizing it.

We are here to help you out

Creation Edges is the largest bloggers community and blog sharing platform. It provides bloggers to reach a larger audience for their content and provides an ease to the reader to explore bloggers from across the world on one platform. It’s free to use.

No matter which platform you use to write your blog whether it’s on WordPress, Wix, blogger or owns a website you are welcome to creationedges. What are you waiting, for now, signup and join the community and start sharing your blogs to the world and exploring the world of blogs at one place.

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FEATURESFeature Creation Edges

Helps you grow the wide audience for your blog, brand collaboration, bloggers meetup and many more.

Helping HandCreation Edges Helping hand

Our Creative team will distribute your content all across the social media(Facebook, Instagram, Twiter) platform for free through our social media handles and that helps to drive social traffic to your blogs.

Our Impact.

We are still in the testing period of our product and More than 200 bloggers had signed up to this online community till date and still on a count. More than 500 blogs had been shared. More than 1k unique visitors are engaging monthly. We are on the mission of bringing all bloggers on the same platform. join now internet’s largest blogging community made by bloggers for the bloggers.

Using Creation Edges is very easy to use, you have to follow few steps and you are ready to go.

For Signing Up.

1. You will find a GET STARTED button on top right of the page.

2. You will find a Signup button Fill in the asked detail in the signup form and hit the sign up button. Now you are the part of “”.

3. For uploading your profile picture and edit your profile. Go to ‘Edit-Profile’ button.

For Posting A New Blog.

Sign in to “” click on ADD POST in the menu bar at the top right.

Paste each blog URL and hit the post and you are ready to go.

Post your single blog URL to ‘’ . Do not post the whole website URL to ‘’.

Post your thumbnail and profile picture only in jpg format or png format. Our website does not support the jpeg format of the photo.

A New Addition To Our Blogging Platform.

let your blog speak

We are glad to introduce you to our latest addition of “AUDIO BLOGS. According to a new study, Microsoft crop found that since the year 2000 average attention span dropped from 12 sec to 8 sec and the average time spent on the blog is less than 10 sec. Audio influences connections on a deeper level and helps the reader to engage and connect more with your content. We hope you will be pleased with our initiative. we are looking forward to reading as well as listen to your latest blogs on Creation edges”

How to share audio for the blogs.

1. Record your blog summary or any message for your readers on a mobile phone.
2. Upload the audio while posting your blog URL.

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