In 2004, Magazine Predicted What the Friends cast would look like In Future And Photo Went Viral Across The Internet.


Famous T.V serial FRIENDS was aired 17 years ago, But The love and craze about the show is among all the generations across the world.

Recently, A photo from the magazine ‘Tabloid’ went viral across the social media. In 2004 the magazine predicted the looks of the cast after 20 year using computer magic.

Have a Look at the 2004 Magazine’s Predication about the friends cast.


Magazine predicted the look of Schwimmer , “May go grey by age 57, but he won’t lose any of his boyish charm”

For Jennifer Aniston they said, “puffier” in 50’s. For Matt LeBlanc they predicted, “remain every bit a ladies’ man” in his 50s”.

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