Ibu Hatela Spotted in Marvel Upcoming Movie “Eternals”.

Ibu Hatela Spotted in Marvel Upcoming Movie Eternals

Bollywood Actor Harish Patel, who is famous for the role of ibu hatela in the Bollywood movie Gunda was spotted in the marvel movie. On Monday marvel studio launches the 3 min long trailer that includes all the 10 upcoming marvel movies. Marvel also urges fans to watch movies in theaters.

In this trailer, Many Bollywood fans spotted Harish Patel A.K.A ibu hatela and reacted on Twitter. A Twitter user @aktalkies writes “just wanted y’all to know that the actor who (among other parts) also played the iconic Ibu Hatella in Gunda (Harish Patel) has a part in Marvel’s The Eternals, glimpses of which we saw in the new lineup. Never give up on that dream”

Is ibu hatela really in the movie? This question is still unanswered. The IMDB page of the movie “Eternals” doesn’t mention Harish Patel a.k.a ibu hatela in his cast and crew.