Fan Asked Sonu Sood “आप शादी करवा देंगे क्या सर”, He Gives A Hilarious Reply.

Famous Bollywood actor and social worker Sonu Sood is highly active on his social media accounts. During the pandemic Sonu helped many peoples who tweeted for the help.

The actor regularly posts quotes on his twitter handle, Recently he tweeted ” “हुनर” सड़कों पर तमाशा करता हैं और “किस्मत” महलों में राज करती है।”

One twitter user @RajSriv90029140 commented “आप शादी करवा देंगे क्या सर।।”.

Sonu Sood Replied him” क्यों नहीं..शादी के लिए मंत्र भी पढ़ दूंगा। बस लड़की ढूंढने का कष्ट आप कर लें। (Why not … I will also recite the mantra for marriage. Just take the trouble of finding a girl.)”

The Reply of sonu sood is loved by his fan, this reply got 637 reweets and 6.8K likes.

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