Famous French Fashion designer Pierre Cardin Dies at Age of 98.

Pierre Cardin dies at age of 98.jpg
Pierre Cardin dies at age of 98 source: Instgram

Famous French fashion designer Pierre Cardin died on Tuesday, he was 98 years old. Pierre took his last breath in a hospital in Neuilly(Paris).

Legacy of Pierre Cardin.

Pierre Cardin was born in 1922 near Venice in Italy, then their family migrated to France.

He had designed the costumes and sets of the famous film Beauty and the Beast in 1947.

Pierre is well known for his Avant-garde and space-age designs. He had created the famous bubble dress back in 1954.

Bubble dress. Source: pierrecardin.com/designer

He has won different awards like – Order of Friendship, Order of Francysk Skaryna

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