Your Today’s Horoscope

March 23, 2023.

By Creation Edges Desk

Astroyogi astrologers predict unexpected pleasant changes for Aries today. Your honesty will be appreciated in the workplace, and your popularity will increase. 



Taurus, you may lack focus and concentration today. Use this time to relax and be cautious about your actions to avoid damaging your career. 


Try not to dwell on stress and arguments from the past few days, as it may affect your peace of mind,.


Cancer, the Moon in Pisces will give you confidence and determination to overcome anxiety and uneasiness. A familial dispute may be resolved. 


The Moon's transit through Pisces will make Leo restless and keen to explore new paths. Spend time with family and friends and be yourself. 


Virgo, your family may look to you for solutions to their challenges. Focus on their needs, and you will be appreciated for it.


Libra, you will feel confident and active, and this is a good time to express yourself. The color green will attract positivity, and the auspicious time for you today is between 10-11 am.


Scorpio, take your time and trust someone completely. Discuss your thoughts with a close friend, and wearing red will bring you good luck. 


Sagittarius, you may feel torn between your wishes and duties today, but don't worry. You may receive some good news. Handle your responsibilities with care and grace.


Moon in Pisces may disappoint you due to high expectations from loved ones. Be realistic and forgive mistakes to avoid further disappointment. 


With Moon in Pisces, conflicts with a close friend/relative may arise. Give them space to deal with difficulties and gently communicate how it affects your relationship.


Moon in Pisces will motivate you to complete pending plans and focus on result-oriented solutions. Use this energy to finish long-pending projects, wear black for positive energy.