Your Today’s Horoscope

January 31, 2023.

By Creation Edges Desk

The Moon in Taurus indicates good future and new beginnings. Be patient and optimistic for good things to come. Seek guidance if needed. Wear yellow today. Best time for tasks is before 4 pm.



The Moon in Taurus creates uneasiness. Avoid overplanning. Life has ups and downs. Take it in stride. Accept you won't always get what you want. Auspicious time is between 6-8:30 pm. Wear emerald green.


The Moon in Taurus highlights your organizational skills. Find peace in minor conflicts. Wear deep red for positive energy. Best time for meetings is 5-7 pm.


The Moon in Taurus makes you restless. Seek ways to stay driven. Handle conflicts with tact. Wine red color brings positive energy. Ideal time for investments is 10-11 am.


Loads of opportunities today. Think twice before making a decision. Spend time with family. Wear green. Best time for tasks is 4-6 pm.


The Moon in Taurus may test your patience. Don't act on impulses. Stand your ground. Wear green for peace. Auspicious time is 6-8 pm.


The Moon in Taurus makes you expressive and enthusiastic. Focus on healthy interactions. Wear white. Lucky time is 1:20-3 pm.


The Moon in Taurus makes you restless and uncertain. Stay positive and hardworking. Cut off negative feelings. Wear grey. Auspicious time is 3-4 pm.


The Moon in Taurus causes problems and confusion. Tackle issues head-on. Avoid water-related incidents. Avoid 5-6 pm. Wear mauve.


Keep a light mood and calm mind. Avoid overreacting. Take care of finances. Wear beige. Auspicious time is 10-11 am.


Today, the Moon in Taurus may impact your personal life. Stay calm and control emotions when facing challenges. White is your lucky color and the luckiest time is 6:15 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.


Today may bring a positive mood and boost your imagination and creativity. Focus on your ideas and improving your imagination. Avoid minor problems for a peaceful day. The luckiest time is 1:40 pm to 3 pm and the lucky color is orange.