Your Today’s Horoscope

February 9, 2023.

By Creation Edges Desk

Good chance of success in pending decisions. High-ranking people at work will pay attention to your work. Prepare well to perform well. Be kind and generous. Lucky hour: 2-3 pm. Lucky color: red.



Everything at home is fine. Enjoy love and understanding with family. Keep making reasonable efforts. Lucky color: not mentioned.


May feel concerned about finances. Check expenses and make smart choices. Confidence will help. Lucky color: mauve. Lucky hour: 3:30-5:00 pm.


You will look great and be noticed by others. Dress nicely and feel confident. Self-esteem will make you shine. Lucky color: not mentioned.


Small disputes with family may affect mood. Express emotions, complete key duties, and stay motivated. Lucky hour: 3-5 pm. Avoid brown.


Ready to explore new possibilities. Spend time with family and friends. Let spontaneity lead. Lucky color: purple. Lucky hour: 2-3 pm.


May feel the need to escape stress. Focus on productivity at work and enjoy time with friends later. Lucky color: light green. Lucky hour: 4-6 pm.


Hurdles and small issues may cause agitation. Control emotions and communicate. Focus on happy activities. Lucky color: purple. Lucky hour: 4-5:30 pm.


Passion and hunger for success fueled. Balance work and life. Assert authority without stepping on others. Lucky color: violet.


Moon in Leo may bring a change in outlook. Focus on practical and logical things. A new event may start a new phase in life and achieve goals. A new acquaintance may come. Fortunate time: 3-5 pm. Prosperous color: purple.


Moon in Leo brings balance and harmony. Be sensitive in relationships. Alone time may help. Auspicious time: 5-8 pm. Lucky color: orange.


Moon in Leo may improve a stressed relationship. Use tact and persistence to handle challenges. Good for finding a partner. Wear yellow to attract positive energy. Fortunate time: 3-4 pm.