Your Today’s Horoscope

February 7, 2023.

By Creation Edges Desk

Moon in Leo means good chance for favorable decisions. Focus on work and impress superiors. Be kind and generous. Lucky hour: 2-3 PM. Lucky color: Red.



Moon in Leo brings good news for home life. Bond with family and appreciate each other. Keep making good efforts for love.


Moon in Leo may cause worry about finances. Control expenses and make smart choices. Confidence will help. Lucky color: Mauve. Lucky time: 3:30-5 PM.


Moon in Leo boosts self-esteem. Dress nicely and feel confident. Shine like the sun with good self-image.


Moon in Leo may cause disputes with family. Express emotions and relationships will improve. Avoid conflict and complete important work 3-5 PM. Avoid brown clothing.


Moon in Leo brings restlessness and new opportunities. Enjoy time with family and friends. Let spontaneity lead. Lucky color: Purple. Lucky time: 2-3 PM.


Moon in Leo may bring a desire to escape reality. Stay productive at work and enjoy friends later. Lucky color: Light green. Lucky time: 4-6 PM.


Moon in Leo presents challenges. Control emotions and focus on happiness. Put ego aside and communicate. Lucky color: Purple. Lucky time: 4-5:30 PM.


Moon in Leo fuels passion for success. Balance work and life. Assert authority without stepping on others. Wear violet for success.


Your outlook may change today due to the Moon in Leo. Focus on practical and logical things. You may start a new phase with positive impact. Expect to meet a new friend. Prosperous time: 3-5pm. Lucky color: Purple.


The Moon in Leo may bring balance and harmony to your life. You may feel more sensitive in relationships. Alone time and rest may help. Auspicious time: 5-8pm. Lucky color: Orange.


A stressed relationship may improve today. Use tact and persistence to overcome challenges. Plan ahead for success. Good day for finding a life partner. Attract positive energy with yellow. Successful time: 3-4pm.