By Creation Edges Desk July 24, 2023

1. Pearl Harbor (2001) 1. A war drama directed by Michael Bay, depicting the attack and its impact on two childhood friends.

2. Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970) A historical war film co-directed by Richard Fleischer, Kinji Fukasaku, and Toshio Masuda, presenting the events leading up to the Pearl Harbor attack.

3. From Here to Eternity (1953) Directed by Fred Zinnemann, this film focuses on soldiers' lives and romances in Hawaii leading up to the Pearl Harbor attack.

4. Midway (2019) A war film directed by Roland Emmerich, showcasing the pivotal Battle of Midway following the Pearl Harbor attack.

5. In Harm's Way (1965) Directed by Otto Preminger, this film follows naval officers' lives after the Pearl Harbor attack.

6. Pearl Harbor :The Accused(2007) A TV movie directed by Michael Robison, presenting the trial of Japanese.

7. The Final Countdown (1980) Directed by Don Taylor, a sci-fi film involving an aircraft carrier traveling back in time to the day before the Pearl Harbor attack.